In July 2019, in Russia appeared a new mechanism that allows the consumers to get rewarding for managing their own load.

It was called demand response. The essence of this mechanism is to reduce your own electricity consumption, by the Aggregator’s command, by a previously agreed power level at a certain hour for a compensation. Any enterprise that has the ability to transfer or redistribute its energy consumption can earn money from this.

Rusenergosbyt is a Demand Aggregator, whose role in this process is to control the process and distribute the unloading commands received from the System Operator among the consumers.

How does it work?

  1. Notification
    on readiness

  2. Aggregator’s command

  3. Execution of
    a command
    (online tracking)

  4. Confirmation
    of command completion

  5. Payment
    for services

A personal consultant is assigned to each consumer. You get the access to an online office with operational information about the unloading progress.

Key parameters

  • Up to 5 unloadings per month
  • Unloading within 2 or 4 hours
  • On business days
  • Once a month payment

Why choose us?

  • We have been participating in the project since the beginning (since July 2019)
  • 32 management facilities
  • Over 100 MW involved in unloading


If you have become aware of any pending or committed illegal actions or other illegal facts related to the activities of Rusenergosbyt LLC, please contact us immediately.