The Code of Ethics is an important business tool. This document regulates conduct in economic relations between customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, competitors, governments and communities, as well as contributes to the effective resolution of possible conflicts of stakeholders.

Understanding the importance and significance of common principles, norms and criteria of corporate conduct, the management of Rusenergosbyt LLC has developed a Code of Ethics, which guides all staff members of the company regardless of the regions they work in.

The Code of Ethics has been in force since January 2007. This document expresses the principles of a mandatory and responsible approach to business conduct and business operations, both for our employees and our suppliers. It is the basis of social responsibility of Rusenergosbyt and a significant element of corporate development of our company, which seeks to become a good example of a company with advanced ethical values.

To be a part of Rusenergosbyt means to respect and apply the principles and rules of conduct described in our Code of Ethics.


If you have become aware of any pending or committed illegal actions or other illegal facts related to the activities of Rusenergosbyt LLC, please contact us immediately.