Rusenergosbyt LLC was established in 2002.

Today Rusenergosbyt is one of the largest energy supply companies operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, delivering electricity to more than 100 thousand consumers including enterprises, small and medium enterprises and residentials. The distinctiveness of the company is in its vast multidivisional business structure, as it operates in most RF regions.

The company has extensive experience with various consumers and offers high standards of service, combined with an individual approach.

The main work principle is to minimize electricity costs for our consumers and create convenient infrastructure for building long-term relations with them.

In our work, we actively use the experience of one of the key shareholders (49.5%) – the Italian international company Enel S.P.a.

Business geography of the company covers more than 60 regions of the Russian Federation – from Saint Petersburg to the Far East. The company's structure includes 9 branches with a headquarters in Moscow.

Rusenergosbyt acts as a guarantee supplier on the federal level – the company was assigned the GS status in 17 RF regions.

What we do

  • Purchase electricity in the wholesale and retail electricity (capacity) markets
  • Sell electricity in the wholesale and retail electricity (capacity) markets to consumers
  • Conclude contracts for electricity (capacity) transmission services with grid organizations for the benefit of the consumers
  • Develop, organize and implement energy-saving activities
  • Perform guarantee supplier functions
  • Develop automated systems for fiscal accounting of energy resources


  • Energy supply company No.1 in Russia

    According to the rating of independent energy supply companies, Rusenergosbyt has been holding the title of No. 1 supply company in Russia since 2006.

  • Trading System Administrator

    “The most dynamically developing energy supply company” and “The most professional team” following the results of 2005 and 2006.

  • Professional recognition

    Since 2007, Rusenergosbyt has twice won the award in the nomination “Leader of the wholesale electricity market among energy supply companies”.

  • Expert-400

    In 2007, as part of the III annual large-scale business forum, the company received an award in the nomination “DYNAMIC DEVELOPMENT”.

  • First place

    In 2008, Rusenergosbyt took first place in the Rating of Guarantee Suppliers and Energy Supply Companies according to Energorynok magazine.

  • Company performance in the wholesale electricity and capacity market

    In 2010, Rusenergosbyt won the professional recognition award in the WEM Performance nomination.

  • 21st place in Forbes

    In 2012, Rusenergosbyt took 21st place in the ranking of Forbes magazine “The largest non-public companies in Russia”.

  • 3rd place in terms of sales of products

    In 2015, Rusenergosbyt took third place in the list of leaders in terms of sales of products in energy sales according to Kommersant.


If you have become aware of any pending or committed illegal actions or other illegal facts related to the activities of Rusenergosbyt LLC, please contact us immediately.